Full Crew Flight Monitoring: mitigating the unique hazards in HEMS operations.

EASA’s Annual Safety Recommendations Review 2019 has identified HEMS as one of its key safety topics noting that, “EASA has received several Safety Recommendations over the last years related to this topic.” before going on to comment that, “There are several unique hazards faced by Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) operations. The time pressure, planning challengesContinue reading “Full Crew Flight Monitoring: mitigating the unique hazards in HEMS operations.”

“PF & CM:” Pilot Flying & Crewman Monitoring

Training Monitoring for Helicopter Technical Crew (Part 2) The response to my last post underlined how little technical or non-technical material out there is written with the niche skill-set of the helicopter technical crew community in mind. There is certainly an interest and appetite for its consumption among those who play a part in thisContinue reading ““PF & CM:” Pilot Flying & Crewman Monitoring”

Training Monitoring for Helicopter Technical Crew

I have been asked to deliver training on Monitoring to Technical Crew as part of a bespoke course to qualify them to assist single-pilot operations from the front seat. After considering how to approach the session and content I have been left asking more questions than I started with. Being a fan of simplicity, IContinue reading “Training Monitoring for Helicopter Technical Crew”